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My First Sex...

My family had been living in a small bungalow in Chennai. My family's more or less average in size, consisting of my father, mother, a sister, and myself.Well i m now 27 yrs old working as a manager in a renowned company , if someone wanna meet me then u can mail me at u can even mail me ur problems not taking your much time i`ll going to start now.

We had this one old maid that helped out with the household chores, but when she(sister) got married and moved away, my mother needed to hire new help. I was what you'd call a typical, horny teenager in the traditional sense, and growing up, anything could really get my blood pumping.

Shortly after our old maid moved away, my mother brought a new girl to help out with the daily work. Her name was Noor Jehan but we called her, "Noori." Noori was a little on the plump side, and her dark skin depicted her as a typical villager woman. My mother told me that Noori's husband had passed away the previous year and that she was trying hard to support her children.

The first time I got a look at Noori, I about guessed her to be in her mid thirties. Every time I ran into her, she looked more or less the same, with her black hair characteristically worn in a ponytail. Noori was almost too old for my tastes, actually; she had already given birth to three children who were all young teenagers.

No, she wasn't what one would typically call a beautiful woman in the popular sense of the word. Her arms were slightly pudgy, her chin had a few extra rolls, and her belly had a little bit of extra flab tacked onto it. All in all, not a terrible frame, but her age did show in some areas.

She rightfully looked like someone's mother (which she was), but despite her less than perfect body, she did have a pleasant face and a crisp demeanor.

All in all, given my age and horny temperament, I was very excited whenever I saw her. She always wore a tight fitting games, which held her firm, generous breasts high and tightly against her chest. I later learned from my mother that she was actually a bit older than my earlier estimate, around 40 years old.

Age had certainly been kind to her, as she'd held onto round, soft, and sensuous assets. In addition to her mouth-wateringly voluptuous cleavage, her tummy had a slight dip to it, but considering her own age, the tight tunic she always wore accentuated it nicely. Much to my delight, her ass was also round and plump, too.

The years had taken somewhat of a toll on her buns, as they were a bit wide-set. Judging by the way she moved, though, I could tell her butt was bulky, but firm. After all, that physical work she did had to pay off somehow.She had been treating me very nicely right off the bat, more so than any other member of the family. Involuntarily or purposely,

I didn't yet know, but she'd always provide me glimpses of her fat, curvy tits whenever she'd bend over in front of me. The beautiful cleavage in between her two magnificent peeks were often the object of my masturbatory lust, and it gave me frequent opportunities to exercise my well-practiced skills of stealing glances without getting caught. I just couldn't get enough of her breasts!

From underneath her shirt, I could tell they were more than a pair of decent handfuls, even when she didn't wear a bra, which was quite often. The way she walked also got me hot, too, as her breasts would bounce freely with each step she took. I could only imagine what they were like underneath the surface.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not what you'd call a pervert, but since I didn't have a girl, I'd constantly catch myself staring like a fool at Noori's curves whenever she was around. What else was I to do? I couldn't help myself, and Noori certainly didn't make things any easier by parading her natural curves so shamelessly around me. But it's not like it was just a physical thing, either.

She was the nicest woman I'd ever met, and after all the time she spent with us, I grew quite fond of her, and over time, I sort of inadvertently developed a crush on her. One day, I was sitting in a chair, pretending to read as I watched Noori hand wash some clothing.

She'd been at it for about an hour and a half, and from all the other chores she'd been doing, she had worked up a small sweat. As a result, her nipples were pressing against the thin fabric of her qameez, which did wonders for me.

It was the first time I'd seen her nipples poke out from her huge tits and rub against her own clothing, and I remembered being transfixed as I sat there, mesmerized by the sight. As she alternated between rubbing the clothes with her hands and placing them out to dry, I watched her fit, glistening body strain as her breasts jiggled in time with each of her movements.

As I continued eying her hefty melons, I blankly noticed her pull the front flap of her qameez up in order to itch her stomach. As I watched her in a trance, I finally looked away from her tits and made eye contact with her.

Much to my surprise, she was staring right at me! In my own lust, I'd completely forgotten to cover my tracks, and she'd probably been observing me for the last few minutes. When she looked me and saw me staring at her, she pretended to be menially doing her work as she smiled and waved out to me.

I tried to look away from her, but I couldn't. As I guiltily stole glances up and down her body, I felt her devouring me with her eyes. After that incident, every time I looked at Noori or whenever our eyes met, she'd always flash an ambiguous grin or smile at me.

Since that day, we'd always stare a bit longer at each other, and the smiles she gave me seemed to be more full of seduction and life. I also noticed that her "accidental" tendency for bearing her flesh had increased significantly.

Bending over in front of me was more of a habit now, and her clothes even seemed to be getting tighter as the days went by. She gave me all kinds of opportunities to see flashes of her body and breasts from the sides, as well as from the top of her cleavage.

Some time later, my entire family had left me alone in the house with Noori. They had left the city to go attend some family wedding, and they would be gone for a few days. Apparently, the wedding only had room for so many people to attend, and the invitation only asked for my parents and three kids.

Apparently someone made a mistake when sending invitations. I didn't feel much like going to the wedding anyway. They always lasted so long, and they bored me to death. My parents insisted that I come, but I convinced them to let me stay after I made up an excuse about not feeling too well.

My real goal was to be alone with Noori, and while I had a feeling that probably nothing would happen, as a horny boy I held onto the notion that it might. This was first time Noori and I were alone in house since she first joined us, and considering the naughty glances we'd been giving each other, we both were a little bit nervous about being alone.

As I was walking through the house, I happened by Noori's room, and noticing the door being ajar, I looked in and accidentally saw her changing her clothes. My pulse quickened since I had been eying her fro the last few weeks ever since she had been appointed by my mother to take over.

What I saw made me freeze instantly in my step. All she was wearing was her shilwar, and her torso was uncovered, revealing her magnificent breasts. Unaware of myself, I stood there, admiring her curvaceous tits. The dark brown tips of her nipples looked so inviting and sexy, and As soon as I lay eyes on them, I felt a warmth enter my stomach. Holding my breath,

I felt my throat Choke and my cock harden instantly within my own shilwar.As throbbing bulge grew to full mast within my trousers, I realized that this was the first time I'd seen a naked woman in real life. As I felt her gaze upon me, I felt a tiny bit shameful in the back of my mind for staring.

However, the darker side of my conscience didn't care. It felt good looking at her in her half-nude glory, and it was such a pretty sight. As I stood there, painfully hard, I imagined myself squeezing and caressing her full, round tits. I imagined I was right in front of her, massaging and kneading those jugs as I licked and tweaked her dark nipples.

My common sense getting the better of me, I looked away from her hypnotic breasts and looked up at her face. I expected her to be disgusted with how I was gawking so shamelessly at her, but instead, she had a warm smile on her face, and her eyes had a glint of desire painted on them. In my panic, I thought I'd been caught.

Despite her smile, I thought she was going to bust me. My heart started pounding rapidly within my chest, and my palms grew sticky with sweat. I froze like a statue, unable to move at first. My face got really hot and tingly, and I saw her looking and became very red and embarrassed.

Much to my confusion, she didn't even look angry or upset with me. She held her smile, and simply proceeded to hide her luscious mamaries by cupping her small hands over the bulbous flesh. Completely overcome with panic and the conflicting lust of my hard cock, I made a run to my bedroom.

I hurried inside, closed the door behind me, and huddled myself face down on my bed.A few minutes later, there was a knock at my door."Master? I have to ask you something. May I please come in?" It was Noori. Her voice was soft and contained a sincere edge to it.A little worried at firs,

I finally worked up the nerve to speak. "Uh... Y-yes! Come in, Noori," I replied. As the door slowly opened, her casually clothed frame appeared before me. Walking into my room, she strolled over to where I was and sat beside me on my bed. I was almost afraid to look her in the eye, but when I did, I noticed that she still had that ever-pleasant smile on her face.

I noticed Noori had sweat on her upper lip and forehead. "Thank you, Jawad(a young boy is called jawad in her village language), I feel honored to be with you."Not knowing how to respond, I just smiled and let out a small murmur of affirmation.

My muscles tense, I remained seated at the edge of the bed with my hands folded over my lap. For few minutes, we sat quietly without talking, and then Noori grabbed my wrist and looked me right in the eye. Breaking the silence, she spoke with an affection that I thought was unmistakable.

"You know, Jawad, i've always thought you were a cute, sweet young man." Pausing, she took a breath before continuing in a low voice. "You've always been kind to me, right from the start, you know? Ever since my first day, you made me feel welcome."

As her hand traveled from my wrist to my thigh, my eyes went wide. My inexperience kicking in, I started to panic. "Ah... Th-thank you, Noori, I don't really know what else to say..." I trailed off, looking away from her gaze. I felt like a total idiot. I honestly didn't know what to say to her!

Changing the subject, Noori forwardly asked a more direct question in her stern voice. "Were you watching me just now, back in the hall?""No! Well, ye-yes, sorry. I'm... I'm really, very sorry," I stammered. I knew she had me.

She caught me red-handed, and was going to tell my parents.Laughing, Noori's hand squeezed my leg through the fabric of my pants quite firmly. "Don't be sorry. I shouldn't have left that door open," she added, reassuring me with her smile. "

I mean, what else could a boy your age do but watch?"Letting out a nervous laugh, I fell silent. It comforted me that she wasn't mad, and it was actually very nice that she was being cool about the whole thing.

Suddenly, her hand traveled up my thigh, closer to my crotch. Letting out a gasp, my cock sprang to life once again. Looking her directly in the eye, my mouth hung open as an expression of worry and excitement entered my face.

Noori, on the other hand, simply stared back at me with a devilish grin. "Did you like what you saw?" she whispered in a voice that made my dick harden even more.Letting out a strained breath, my panic kicked in once again. I didn't know what else to do, so I tried apologizing. "I am so sorry, I can't help it, you're just so...

And your... They're just so..." I was stuttering a lot, and I was making a lot of gestures with my hands. I think she got my point, because she let out a small laugh as she scooted closer to me on the bed.In her whisper, she continued to reassure me. "So what, Jawad? You're a normal, healthy young man.

You don't have to apologize to me... You've done nothing wrong." Her hold on my thigh was almost like a vise. She was gripping me so tightly I was afraid to move. I feared that if I did, my cock would twitch and explode right there.Sweating, all I could say was, "Thank you, Noori.""

Well good then! Now that that's cleared up, I want you to tell me something, Jawad.""Um... Wh-what it is?""Hm... Why you always stare at me?" she asked.Choking on my breath, I was absolutely stunned. She knew about all those other times? "What? No! Noori, I swear, i've never done that before."

"Oh come on now, you think a woman doesn't know when a man is staring at her? Or these?" she finished, resting both hands against qameez-coverered breasts."I... I don't know," I said hardly above a whisper."I'm a mother of three, Jawad, and i've been around the block a few times. I know these things.""I don't know," I said again. "I'm sorry."
She laughed loudly and said, "

You don't know, him? Well tell me something you do know. The way you've talked to me before... The way you've tried to hit on me. It excited you, didn't it?"Afraid to admit it, I swallowed dry air as I finally worked up the courage to answer honestly. "Yes... It did."Smiling, she continued. "Hm.

And every time I let you steal a look at my body, it also excited you, am I right?"Not completely sure where she was going with this, I just sat there with my head turned toward her, trying not to screw anything up.

"Yes, I... I think your body is... Very pretty."Laughing again, she spoke to me as a mother would speak to a child. "Don't be upset, Jawad. All boys are the same at your age. You get curious... You get aroused. I know you've been taking every opportunity you can get to look at me. I'm not surprised, but I am very flattered."

As she said that, her voice lowered to a sultry tone as she replaced her hand on the inside of my leg.We sat there, and my nervous breathing filled the otherwise silent room. Finally, she spoke again, asking me something that caught me off guard. "Have you ever been with a woman, Jawad?""

What do you mean, Noori?" I pretended to act dumb.Rolling her eyes playfully, she continued. "You know what I mean, Jawad.""Ah...""Sex. Girls.

Have you had sex with a girl yet?""No," I said nervously.She saw my reluctance to say too much, and she caught me on it. "Don't be shy, Jawad! You can tell me.""I haven't had sex yet, but there was this one girl I liked..." I trailed off as a bad memory entered my mind.Noori giggled quietly and put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile."

What, she didn't like you back?""She didn't even allow me to touch her.""Did you ever ask her to let you?""No.""Then how can you say she didn't allow you?""I don't know."

"I think I know." A coy smile was on Noori's face now."Know what?""You don't have enough confidence in yourself," she said plainly. "My son is the same way, Jawad. Lots of boys are.""I-I guesses I can work on that..."

Her seductive tone returning, Noori's fingers found their way to my hard-as-steel meat. "See... I'm willing to bet that you like me. I'm willing to bet you want me, and that you've been thinking about having sex with me."

As her fingers danced softly around my cock, I moaned into the air as she spoke some more. "Since you don't trust yourself, you can't admit it. Not to me... Not to yourself, even."She was making me blush now. Man, she was absolutely right.

I had the hot for her, but I was too afraid to make a move because I didn't think she wanted it, and I definitely didn't want to get caught by any of my family.Finally, I worked up the courage to speak to her. "You know something? You're absolutely right. I think you're very sexy and attractive, but I have to admit...

I'm pretty nervous about all this." My dick pumping with a life of its own, I looked over at Noori's seated body, taking in her bountiful tits and beautiful face. "Noori, may I touch you?"Leaning into me so that her face was mere inches from mine, she answered enthusiastically. "Yesss...." she whispered. "

Go right ahead. You can touch me any way you want to." I swallowed a bucket of my saliva in utter disbelief at what was happening.Closing the distance between us, she leaned in some more and kissed my lips. I had never kissed an older woman before. I felt naughty, but it felt so utterly amazing.

As she kissed me passionately, she moved her tongue around mine as we exchanged saliva. Her fingers playing with my hair, I felt her voluptuous body pressed firmly against my own. Her touch was electric, and I felt my hard cock fill with even more blood. Getting braver by the second,

I let my hands rest on her hips as we kissed.During the lip locking, Noori's hands roamed my entire body as if they had minds of their own. She'd spend a few seconds rubbing my stomach with her fingers, and then she'd switch to my shoulders. One minute she'd be twirling my hair in her fingers, and the next minute she'd be rubbing the insides of my thighs.

When she finally rested a hand back on my cock, I almost lost control. As she haphazardly tugged at the waistband of my pants, she continued to kiss me wildly while I tried desperately to contain my primal urges.

I wanted this to last, but I also wanted more. As I attempted to move my hands up toward the sides of her breasts, Noori abruptly broke our kiss and looked at me again, a smile on her face once more.
"Jawad, what exactly do you think you're doing?"

Looking back at her with desire and confusion, a smile formed on my own face as well. Judging by the look in her eye, I could tell she was teasing me again. "Ugh... I can't take this anymore! I want to touch you so bad...""Oh, so you mean you're interested in these old things?" she musingly asked, placing her hands on her luscious jugs."God, yes... They're amazing!"

I could barely keep my emotions under control."You're so cute, you know? Come here..." And with that, her face was pressed against mine again. Taking my face in her hands, Noori inserted her tongue in between my lips and snaked it inside. In between kisses, she'd laugh lightly and smile before continuing.

Her hot breath against my own, I felt empowered by lust. I couldn't sit back any longer. Grabbing her right breast through her shirt, I felt the soft shape and texture for the first time. Even through the barrier of her clothing, the sensation was like nothing I'd felt before. It felt so forbidden and foreign to me, but at the same time, I felt so completely comfortable and lustful.

Rolling my palm against the round tit flesh, I mentally noted how it felt within my hand. Kneading and grasping the jiggle surface area, I felt my dick twitch and grow even harder underneath my pants."Here, why don't I let you take a closer look?" As she shifted her body, she grabbed either side of her qameez and lifted it over her head. Mesmerized,

I sat there with my mouth hanging open, breathing heavily as the superfluous globes came into view. As the clothing slid up and over her chest, each of her breasts strained against the fabric until finally, they fell freely.

Tossing her shirt to the side, Noori rested her palms on her breasts as she looked Naughtily into my eyes. "Don't tell your parents. Or your friends. Last thing we want to do is draw attention to ourselves, right Jawad?""Uh... R-right!" My eyes were glued open, and my heart was pounding so loudly in my ears I almost didn't hear her ask the question.

I was extremely fixated on the naked set of tits that stood before me. I was exploring completely uncharted territory, and although I knew I'd eventually see a naked woman eventually, I definitely didn't expect it to be my family's maid!

She spent so much time with us that she practically felt like family. If anyone ever found out, I'd be toast.As I stared upon her magnificent, rounded orbs, I took note of her dark brown nipples. They were already pointed outward at me, and they were complemented nicely by not-too-large areolas.

Go on, Jawad. Grab them," she encouraged.My mouth watering at their proximity, I reached forward, anticipating how the bare flesh would feel against my palms and fingers. When I finally made contact with them, it was as if a mental barrier had been removed. The dam had been opened, and the water had been released.

I suddenly felt her warm, soft breasts against my hands, and I felt like I just set foot on an uncharted island. I studied the texture with my hands, feeling her goose bumps against my fingertips. As my hands traveled across all corners of her extremely generous breasts, I grew bolder with my actions.

I squeezed the rounded edges within my fingers, I pushed into the milky surface with my palms, and I took the entire experience very slowly. It was nothing short of amazing.Finally letting out a breath I didn't realize I was holding, I mentally came to grips with what I accomplished.

Half an hour earlier, I was craving to set my eyes on these glorious tits for only a moment. Never did I think that I'd have them at my disposal. Kneading her tits harder, I pushed them against her chest as the ample flesh spilled out of my hands at their sheer volume. Taking each of her erect nipples in between my fingers,

I tweaked her sensitive tips, eliciting a long moan from Noori's throat. With the amount of time I was spending on her breasts, it was obvious that I'd never done this before, but she was being nice about it. She let me attack her breasts to my heart's content.

Removing my gaze from her plump tits momentarily, I looked up at Noori's face, and to my surprise I noticed that she was biting her lower lip and moaning softly. Smiling back at her, I returned my attention to her breasts, working my frontal handling into an all-out massage.

As I continued to tease her, she returned my actions with even louder and more eager groans, which succeeded in getting my dick even harder. So much excitement was running through my head that I actually felt a bit dizzy. As blood continued to flow from my heart to my cock,

I actually had to shake my head to regain my senses."Oh Jawad, they're yours, pinch them harder, pull them harder, twist them! God, yes... Keep doing it Her noises and supportive banter were exciting me to no end, and I had no choice but to comply with her demands.

Tugging and groping her breasts and nipples even harder, Noori's moans continued to fill the emptiness of my room.Arching her back, Noori's round tits were suddenly pushed closer to my face. Slapping myself over the head,

I finally remembered that I could just as easily suck on her magnificent breasts. Grasping them both at the sides, I pushed the copious amounts of tit flesh together, accentuating Noori's amply cleavage. Bending my neck down,

I shuddered as I brought my mouth closer to her breasts. Aiming first for her nipples, I pushed my face closer to her skin, closing my eyes upon making contact with her flesh. As my lips wrapped around her nipples, I felt my cock stir even more.

Hearing my gasp above me, I continued to knead and roll her flesh as I lashed my tongue against her right nipple. Alternating between each brown nub, I coated her sensitive skin with my saliva as I slobbered all over them like a starving newborn.

Taking a breather from her tits, I removed my face from her bust and examined my conquest. Noting the generous amounts of spit that accumulated on her mounds, I smiled inwardly at how her breasts glistened with my saliva in the light of my room.

Looking quickly up at Noori, I exchanged a lustful smile with her as I returned my face to her heaving tits. As my mouth captured her nipple again, I heard her moan and press her chest even harder against me."Ah, your mouth feels so good," she huffed in between her moans.

Moaning in response, I simply continued my assault on her breasts. Trying a slightly different technique, I latched onto one nipple with my mouth as I squeezed and massaged the opposite breast with my other hand. Feeling her flesh rolling in between my hand as I mauled her other orb with my mouth felt incredible.

I almost couldn't believe it was happening to me. Alternating my strategy on both of her breasts, I continued working the flesh in my mouth and hands until my mouth started to feel numb from all the strain."Uhhn... Bite them, please..."A little surprised at how kinky she was being, I quickly obeyed.

Tweaking her left nipple in between my fingers, I brought the other to my mouth and lodged it between my teeth. Tugging on the sensitive, brown buds with my lips, I heard Noori let out sharp gasps of lustful pleasure. Her hands resting at the back of my head,

She played with my dark hair once more as I continued servicing her breasts and nipples.After a few more moments of feasting on her fat tits, I decided I wanted more. I'd have been perfectly content with playing with her breasts and calling it a day, but I knew the mood was damn near perfect. I'd read on the Internet about situations like this, and I knew this could go further.

Removing her nipple from my mouth, I replaced my hands back on both of her breasts. Feeling her grip loosen from around my head, I lifted my face so that it was inches from hers. Our lips were nearly touching, and we both felt each other's breath on our faces."...Jawad?""I want to you fuck you, Noori," I whispered back.

"No!" she said almost reflexively. I could see the hesitation in her eyes. I guess foreplay was one thing, but going the whole nine yards was something else altogether. "I mean... We should really, really stop. I think we've had enough--""—Noori, let me fuck you," I said firmly, cutting her off as she tried to pull away."Maybe we should wait a little longer, Jawad.

We could do this tomorrow or something... I don't know if we should go all the way right now..." she gasped and tried to pull away, but it didn't look like she was trying too hard. Looking into her eyes, I could see something was nagging at her, perhaps some shred of guilt was still running through her mind.A little taken aback by her hesitation, I tried convincing her. "

But we have all the time in the world now... I want it now I and know you want it." I said, replacing my hands onto her enormous jugs and looking into her eyes."How do you know I want it?" she asked me."If you didn't, then why did we do all those things just now? Didn't you like them?"

I queried, my lips upturning in a slight smirk."Yes... But... Jawad, your mother would kill me if she ever found out that we...""But who would tell her? There's no one else here and I won't say a word to anyone! Mother doesn't come back until next week and there's no way for her to find out." I paused, seeing what she thought."You're right, but--"

And no one would suspect a thing! She'll never know, Noori, please... Just this once. I need you so bad!" I was practically pleading with her now. With my hands still clutching her tits firmly, my eyes pleaded with hers.After a moment of agonizing silence, she responded with a smile of her own. "All right.""All right...

Meaning 'yes'?""Yes, i'll let you fuck me," she said, her eyes falling to the floor.My whole face lighting up, all I could think of saying was one thing. "Thank you so much! I won't tell anyone!"My hands dropping from her breasts, Noori's hands reached down and loosened my shilwar string.

I raised my ass off the bed as she yanked my pants off of me. My pants were still falling to my ankles as she grabbed at my swollen dick. When she did, I nearly jumped off of the bed. I couldn't believe that a mature woman was touching me!

My hard cock and tingling balls pulsated with a life force of their own. It felt so amazing to have her hand wrapped around my meat. Everything from the way her cool fingers felt, to the firm way she gripped the girth of my shaft, it all felt incredible.

Still seated next to me, Noori began to move her hand up and down masterfully, jerking my cock gently at the base with one hand, occasionally stopping to fondle my balls.Leaning back onto the bed on my elbows, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I simply stared at the ceiling.

The feeling was out of this world, and I knew it was only going to get better. Feeling a shift next to my own body, Noori moved and whispered into my ear. "Little master, you've got a beautiful cock... It's a lot bigger... And longer... Than I thought it would be. Let me show you how to use it right," she finished as her grip fell from my dick.Noori grabbed my hand placed it on her shilwar and pointed at the string tying it in place. I pulled it and loosened it,

And then she did the rest by snaking them off of her legs.Now sitting up, she was the one laying back, propped up on her elbows and eager. Her legs spread and hanging off the bed, she looked at me with her dark eyes and exposed tits. "Come on, Jawad...

Come on and do with me what you want, I can't wait anymore..." The lust in her voice was unmistakable, but for some reason, I was suddenly overcome with uncertainty and anxiety. I faltered, not knowing how to proceed.

I saw her pussy for the first time, but it was an entirely new territory for me. I didn't really know how to do what I wanted, and I was afraid if I tried something, I might do it wrong and upset her.
Most of all, I think I was afraid of the embarrassment.

My cock still painfully hard, I let out a sharp sigh as I worked up the courage to speak again. "Noori, I, uh... I don't really...I told you I haven't done it before."Looking at me blankly for a moment, as though remembering, she comforted me with that warm smile of hers. "Oh Jawad, it's okay.

I'll make sure you enjoy your first time with a woman. Don't worry, okay?" She glanced down at my cock one last time, and then looked back into my eyes."Just do as I say and you'll have that big, hard cock of yours in my pussy in no time."Grinning devilishly, I looked back into her eyes as my cock bounced with life. "Sounds good."

Licking her lips, Noori placed her left hand on her left breast and pinched her nipple. "Come and stand between my legs," she instructed as she scooted back on the bed. "Shake those pants off and kneel on the bed between my thighs," she added as I approached her. Giggling, her eyes fell back down to my engorged dick. "Mm...

I hope you never forget this fuck for a long time, Jawad... I know I won't."As she said this, I found my place, kneeling on the bed in between her legs. Invitingly, she spread he thighs to my gaze and gave me a full look at her mature, hairy cunt.

The close up of her pussy lips made my dry mouth even drier. Swallowing in the back of my throat, I licked my lips as I studied her folds more intricately. She had a lovely dark bush that lined the folds of her plump twat.

Her labia had blackish edges to them, and beneath the hair and folds, I was able to make out a lighter pinkish spot that contrasted very starkly against her tanned skin.

Kneeling before her with my right hand around my throbbing cock, my eyes darted back and forth between her gaze and her pussy. The sight was unbelievable, and when she brought her own hand to her bushy snatch,

I felt my legs and balls tingle with anticipation. My mouth hanging agape, her eyes seemed absolutely glazed over with lust as she simply stared back at me, her chest heaving with each and every breath she took.

I adjusted myself and raised myself up on my knees, towering over my aged maid. Scooting forward, I pulled close and let my cock hover in front of her steamy pussy.

Taking my extremely sensitive dick into her hand, she placed the head right at the entrance of her lower lips.As the spongy tip of my organ made contact with her glistening cunt, a rush of cold shivers shot through my spine.

This was really happening. I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling, until I was pulled back into reality by Noori's voice. "Now push it slowly into me."I didn't need to be told twice. With nothing holding me back, I slowly edged my hips forward and felt my dick inch farther into her body. I felt more resistance than I thought I would, and if it weren't for the sharp yelp that

Noori let out, I almost wouldn't have understood what was wrong. Opening my eyes, I heard her laugh as I looked down at our groinal areas. A faint crimson blush filling my cheeks, I looked into Noori's face as she lit up with a small trace of laughter. You can't have that hole just yet, Jawad.

Maybe next time you'll want to open your eyes?" she said with a chuckle. "Here, i'll help. I know it feels weird at first."Once again she grabbed my cock and positioned my tip right before the entrance to her pussy.

Spreading her legs even wider, she used her other free hand to separate the folds of her hairy pussy. Looking back up at me, she gave me an encouraging look as she sat back and waited for me to make contact."This time, just push it all the way in. You don't have to go slow."

For a split second before I forced myself inside her, I realized how lucky I was to have such a helpful, pretty woman willing to guide me on my first time. As soon as my appreciative thought faded, I refocused on my current situation, furrowed my brow, and readied myself to move forward.

Using my entire weight to push myself into her, I violently jerked my hips forward and sank my cock deep inside of her cunt. Oh,.. It was really happening.I'd seen porno before, and I'd read magazines and talked about it with my friends, but this was the real thing! The feeling was surreal.

All around my dick, I felt the cushiony, velvety surface of her muscular pussy walls. It was amazingly warm, and her walls fit around my dick like a glove. Overall, it felt comfortable and extremely hot.The fact that it was my maid succeeded in kicking the intensity up a few notches, too.

Biting my lip, I looked down at Noori's face, and noticed that her own face was straining in surprise. Her mouth hanging open, her chin lay on her chest as she breathed heavily, a bit shocked at how fast and strong I pushed in."Ah... Jawad, move your hips... In and out, come on..."

"Ah... It feels so good!"I started rocking my hips immediately, driving in and out of her experienced cunt. The sensation was fantastic. It felt like pins and needles were stabbing my entire body. Each time I plunged into her, I felt my balls mash between my body and hers.

As I watched her massive tits rock wildly in all directions against her chest, Noori reached her arms up and snaked them around my neck.

As she pulled me to her, she wrapped her smooth legs around my waist, locking me against her. As our lips locked in a steamy embrace, I resumed humping against her cunt as best I could, my cock stroking her inner walls forcefully each time I pounded in and out of her.

With our heavy breathing filling the otherwise empty room, the bed rocked beneath our gyrating bodies as I felt my entire body tingle. As my thrusts grew more sporadic, Noori loosened her legs from my waist and broke our kiss.

Gripping my arms tightly, she spoke up as I felt myself loose control. "Slow down or you'll cum too soon!"Upon hearing her advice, I ceased my motions immediately, afraid that I'd done something wrong. As I lay on top of her propped up on my hands,

I stared down at her sweating body, examining each and every one of her features. Her sizeable breasts were spilling all over her chest; her chest was heaving with each breath she drew. Her eyes were wide, as though she'd told me something of vital importance.

Taking her advice to heart, I tried my absolute best to regain control of both my emotions and my movements. Swallowing in the back of my throat, I took one look down at our grinding pelvises before resuming my thrusting.

This time, Noori's legs released me. She also let her arms fall to the bed on either side of her and let me back into my former kneeling position. With her legs spread widely on either side of me, I looked down and saw my painfully throbbing meat still buried in her snatch.

Looking back into her eyes, I started to slowly rock back and forth again, this time pulling my cock almost all the way out, then ramming it back deep into her cunt.

Hearing Noori gasp carnally each time I plowed fully into her, I internally smiled.As I slowly picked up speed, I began to pump in and out of her with an intensified fervor. With every thrust, I felt her pussy tighten around my dick as her bodily lust increased ostensibly.

The clapping sound of our hips meeting echoed rhythmically, and aside from our heavy breathing and groaning there were no other sounds to be heard. As our bodily noises serenaded us, I saw Noori's head fall backwards against the bed.

As her bucking frame gyrated back and forth underneath me, I clasped my hands around both of her ankles as I stared at the ceiling and hammered away.

Then, suddenly, through closed eyes, as I pushed deeper and deeper into Noori, I heard a guttural cry escape her lips.Did I just make her climax? Holy shit, I just made a grown woman cum!Slowing my pumping down, I watched in sheer awe as Noori's eyes groggily opened and gazed into mine. "

How does it feel, Jawad?"My eyes opened and looked down at her face. "...Amazing," I huffed in between pumps. "Ugh... This is so much better than beating off!"She was moving her body arching her back causing all sorts of sensations in my cock. "Harder," she groaned. "Mm...

!" She was practically shouting as I pounded into her with all the force I could muster. "Oh, Jawad! I've wanted you to give it to me for so long, but I was afraid your mother would find out!" She frantically spread her legs even wider so as to give me the deepest access possible into her steamy snatch."

Noori, i've wanted to fuck you every time you came here. I wanted to rub my cock all over your skin and touch your tits and ass so bad! I've felt this way for such a long time! Ugh, feels so good!"Through clenched teeth, she replied with mock anger, "Well, my Jawad, if that's all you ever wanted, why didn't you just ask?""Ah... Mm, I was afraid you'd tell my mother.

Oh, fuck!" I bellowed, feeling my balls tingle. "I didn't want to risk you saying no, either.""Mm,... We should've done this sooner!" she confessed.I was in already in heaven, and talking like that made me so turned on.

Thrusting back and forth with my hips, I pulled my cock fully out of her before mercilessly ripping her plump mound apart, reaming her with all my strength as she grit her teeth and screamed in delight. Still propped up on my knees,

I leaned forward once more and crashed my body on top of hers. Her breasts mashed between us, her legs folded back even more as I resumed humping my ass up and down, drilling my cock in and out of her sloppy snatch.

Her hands finding my chest, I placed my own on either side of her bucking frame as I continued to shamelessly and strenuously pump into her. Feeling her generous boobs roll underneath my weight, I savored the way they felt against my skin.

Positioning my head so that my mouth was directly between them, I licked and nibbled on her smooth, tanned flesh as I gasped for air like a man possessed.

With Noori's legs flailing in the air around me, I concentrated the incredible feeling of pounding my meat into her wide-open cunt that seemed just perfect to receive my forceful thrusts. Her breasts rocked back and forth each time I bottomed out on her, and her hands left my shoulders as they snaked their way to my ass.

Pulling me into her for all she was worth, Noori's breathing grew heavier as she gripped me tightly.Mm... You're a fast learner," she chuckled in between strained breaths.Lifting my head up, I smiled at her, my own eyes glazed with lust. "

You're an awesome teacher!""Your big cock feels so good in me, Jawad,..." her voice moaned. "...Ah, yes, keep fucking me, just like that." Her fleshy legs wrapped themselves tightly around my hips, urging me even deeper into her.I rammed straight in to the hilt. She jerked her hips back, slamming them upward to meet my thrusts.

Noori now started to make desperate effort to actively fuck me from underneath. Giving in to her wonderful struggle, I stopped my own movements and let her work her hips up and down, back and forth. Noori was fucking me incessantly from underneath and was moaning lustfully.

After a few moments of her doing all the work, I resumed my position and continued to thrust my ass up and down, my balls slamming into her ass each time I landed.I picked up speed and my shoving became more desperate.

I rammed into her as if she were a tool to be used, and she responded enthusiastically, her hips rising to meet my own. She was pushing her hips against me whenever I drove into her. Her pussy seemed to have caught fire, and a generous amount of her love juice made our motions wonderfully slippery.

Placing my hands on both side of her body and propping myself up, I began breathing heavily as I looked to the ceiling. As I was rocking back and forth in time with the rhythmic slapping of skin on skin, Noori cupped her heavy breasts as I made eye contact with her."Jawad... Play with my tits...

I want you to touch them while you fuck me." As I watched her breasts fly all around against her chest, she pinched her nipples, letting out a long moan before addressing me again. "Kiss them, suck them for me..."

Stopping my pumping for the moment, I focused on dropping my mouth onto her magnificent soft breast, taking her one nipple in my mouth and sucking it between my lips. Biting the nipple lightly, I tugged at it with my teeth before letting it go. Hearing an encouraging moan escape Noori's lips,

I did the same to her other nipple before releasing it from my grasp. Setting upright again, I sank my cock back into her pussy, placing my hands on her tits for support. Palming and groping her fleshy mounds firmly,

I plowed back into her with all my might as she squeezed me tightly with her legs.I was thrusting myself deeply into her, again and again. She was incredible-she knew the sexiest things to do. She was pushing her pussy with all her force as deep as possible around my cock, squeezing me like a vise."You're like an animal, Jawad! I never knew you were this strong!"

Noori moaned. "I haven't been fucked like this in a long time... Mm..."Like a maniac I was fucking her hard using my cock as a piston to penetrate time and time again into Noori's hot cunt. She threw her arms above her head and started screaming relentlessly.

Her shrill voice filled the room entirely, and my groans, combined with the squeaking of my bed and the headboard banging against the wall, all served to create a chaotic symphony of sexual orchestra. This only encouraged me to fuck her harder, pushing her almost against the headboard of the bed, as I knew I was going to lose it soon.

Looking down at her strained features, I looked at her not as a maid but as the prettiest woman of the world—a woman whose steamy honey-pot I was having the pleasure of fucking.She and I were moaning carnally now.

Not caring as knowing that no one could hear us, we continued to fuck on vigorously towards each of our climaxes. Suddenly, her body jerked up and she wrapped her arms around me, bringing both our bodies together in an ecstatic last spasm.Whispering hotly into my ear, she said to me,

"Shoot me full of your hot cum, Jawad! I want you to cum in my pussy now!" She tightened the muscles of her cunt around me, squealing as her own orgasm rocked into her body."Fuck, yes! I'm cumming... Uuuuugh....I thrust hard and buried myself inside of her core just as the first spurt came of semen came so forcefully through my shaft. I shrieked with pain and pleasure at the same time,

And stars filled my eyes while my whole body tensed up."Oh, fuck I feel it. Yes, you're cumming inside me!"I kept fucking Noori and grunted with each successive explosion of semen. With all my physical strength, I drilled my full erection into Noori's pussy and emptied out all I had into her.

I felt incredible joy and relief as my balls emptied. My eruption shot a surprising amount of seed into her, and it took me a full minute to empty the last of my load inside of her. Her nails dug into my back as she came.

Feeling Noori explode under me gave me an incredible extra kick and I felt like all the liquids in my body simply empty out into her.When it finally seemed to have stopped and the last spasms had subsided, my whole body quivered and I collapsed onto

Noori who seemed equally shattered with my empty cock still sticking inside her pussy. I threw my head on her chest and closed my eyes relishing the sweet release. We both were trying to catch our breath at this point.

We settled, our heartbeats slowed, our bodies slippery with sweat, and our breathing was still heavy.A few minutes later, my limp member slipped out and I rolled off the woman that had just fucked me almost senseless.

I looked between her thighs; our combined juices were flowing out of her pussy down to bed sheet through her ass crack. Exhausted, I fell back onto the bed."That was fucking incredible, Noori... I can't believe we just did that,"

I huffed, looking over at her."For your first time, that was very impressive, Jawad," she said, smiling at me as she leaned over for a deep and passionate kiss. "It only gets better from here, too." I hope so. I love it more than anything in the world!"

I replied, reliving what just happened.She looked at me and said, "I better go clean up myself and i'll be right back to clean you." She went into the bathroom to wash up herself.Noori came back after a minute small, soaked towel in her hand.

She bent down and wiped my cock clean.Transfixed, I looked her and asked, "Noori, do you think we can do this again sometime?"She didn't hesitate one bit. "Absolutely. If my young master wants it again and again," she said, squeezing my softening cock, "i'll never disappoint him...

So long as he keeps this secret to himself."Hearing those words, my whole body beamed. This was the beginning of a very new and exciting part of my life. Placing my hand on hers, my cock shook with life as a smile formed on my face."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ek Ko Choda Dusari Mili...

Hi mera naam Sid hai main 23 saal ka baat aaj se 4 saal pahle ki hai jab main 19 ka tha mere saath tution main ek ladki thi jiska naam sweety(name changed) tha.wo Bahut khubsurat thi aur wo meri girlfriend thi uski ek saheli jiska Naam yamini tha wo dikhne main sweety se kam kubsurat thi aur wo mujhe pasand karti thi per main to sweety ko hi pasand karta tha ye baat jante hue bhi yamini hamari khub madad karti thi kyuki sweety aur yamini dono saath me he tution aate the. sir hame ghar per padhate the aur jaha wo hame padhate the waha do room the Dusra room bedroom tha waha sab chize thi bed ,attech bathroom per vaha koi nahi rahta tha kyuki wo 1st floor per tha sir ground floor per rahte the jiske Karan main or sweety tution jaldi aake us room main jaate or yamini dusre room main jaha sir hame padhate.

Phir main dusre room main sweety ke saath kiss karta uske boobs se khelta kabhi kabhi sweety bina chaddi pahne aati thi jisse mere haath uski mulayam chut se asani khel sake kabhi bina bra ke Ye silsila roj hota per Main kabhi use choda nahi tha aur ham karib 6 Mahine se pyase the hum bahar nahi mil sakte the kyuki vo jab bhi bahar jaati koi na koi uske saath hota tha aur kabhi mauka mile to 5 se10min. he time milta tha jisse Hamari sex karne ki iccha badhti gayi.

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Thodi der baad Maine use apne uper le liya aur usne apne haath se mere Lund ko apne muh main le liya ye chiz main usko hamesha tution se pahle karne ko kahta aur vo bhi pure josh main leti 10 min tak muh main lene ke baad Maine use seedha letaya or meri 6mahine ki aag ko pura karne ke mera Lund uski chut per ragadne laga tabhi sweety boli jaanu plz ab mat tadpao meri chut ki pyaas buja do apna Lund meri chud main daal do phir dhire se Maine Lund chut ke daala pahle to Gaya nahi sex ki aag itni thi bina Kuch soche dusre jatke main pura Lund uski chut main daal diya jiski Karan sweety ke muh se jaberdast chikh nikli per hame sex ke Alava kuch bhi nahi dikh raha tha hum bhool Gaye ki Baju ke room main yamini baithi hai main sweety ko Pure Josh main chode jaa raha hu alag alag position main sweety bhi pure Josh main chudva rahi thi ki dogi style main karte hue meri nazer ekdum darwaze per padi dekha to darwaza thoda khulla hai aur yamini hame dekh rahi hai mere to hos ud Gaye jaise he usne muze dekha ki main use dekh raha hu vo vaha se bhag gayi maine kapde pahne aur uske phiche Gaya vo bajuvale room main thi vaha pahucha to pahle meri Himmat nahi hue ki Kaise baat Karu phir thodi Himmat jutake uske nazdik Gaya aur kaha ki tumne Jo kuch dekha plz kisiko mat batana to usne meri taraf dekh kar kaha ki main kisiko nahi bataogi per ek Sart per mujhe bhi wo sukh do Jo abhi tum sweety ko de Rahe the meri to aankhe pati ki pati hi rah gayi per ander se main or mera Lund bahot khus hue ki kabhi ek ke saath nahi kiya karne ka mauka Mila to do do mil gayi phir Maine sweety ko ye baat batayi vo naa naa kahate hue mere samjhane per maan gayi phir Maine yamini ko bulaya aur room ka darwaza lock karke dono per tut pada hum teeno nange ho Gaye Maine Bari Bari dono ki chut chati aur unhane mera lund muh main liya phir dono ko itni buri tarah se choda ki dono Bari Bari Kar rahi thi dono ko ladki se aurat bana diya us din dono ko 2 ghante tak choda pHir hum ghar chale gaye uske baad Maine un dono ko 1.5saal tak tution main jaldi aake roz ek ko chodta tab tak dusri nigrani karti thode din baad Maine unki gaand bhi maari uske baad vo dono meri chudayi bina rah nahi paate

Us 1.5 saal main kaise Maine sir ki ladki ko choda aur kis tarh se hum charo main, sweety,yamini aur sir ki ladki ek saath sex karte jab sir out of statoin jaate ye main aapko dusri story main bataoga. Bye

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Neet Ki Chudai...

So dosto fir hazir hai aap ka ye nachiz dost apni new story k sath, mera naam jashan n my dick size 8" inch hai. n aap sb ka shukriya mujhe story ka responce dene k liye. ache aur bure comments mile bt kadar sb ki krta hu main. so jada time na lete

Hue apni new story sunata hu main jo mere aur neet k bare main hai. Neet dekhne main sundar bt gol matol aur sexy, uski figure 36,30,36 kya mast
mome aur gand thi uski maine jb use dekha tha first time to mere lan khada ho gya tha bt uska brdr mujhe janta tha to main kuch nahi keh skta tha. But neet thi itni sexy

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Well mujhe ye to pta lg gya tha k use main pasand hu, but main koi risk nahi lena chahta tha, ek din main uke ghar gya uske brdr se kam tha to wo naha raha tha. to neet ne mujhe baithne ko kaha, aur pani lene chali gai aunty uncle bahar the, to jb wo pani leker

Aai to usne pani k sath jaldi se mujhe ek paper diya maine wo pocket main dal liya. aur uske bhai se mil k main wapis aagya aur page open kiya usne mujhe next day gopals milne ko bulaya tha, so next day main apne frnd k sath waha gya wo bhi apni ek frnd k sath aai

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